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  • Why is Internet Explorer so slow on my Department computer?

    Internet Explorer on a Department computer is likely running "Add-ons" for the browser. It's possible that's why the Training Administrator app will slow to a crawl. Since we don't have access to administrative privileges on our computers at work we can't disable those add-ons (or test this is the problem).


    1. Disable 3rd part add-ons or plug-ins. (You don't likely have permissions that would allow you to make changes.)
    2. Install or have ITS install the Chrome browser on your desktop. Download Google Chrome
  • Why can't I log in on Android?

    When you type in your account name Android will put a space at the end of the name. Delete that space at the end before submitting.

  • How do I remove myself as available once I sign up?

    You can now withdraw yourself from the availability list instead of having to contact the class lead. To withdraw, proceed as if you’re signing up for a session, but when you try to “sign up” for something you’re already signed up for you'll be asked if you want to withdraw you from the list. Note that you’re still one the list, but shown as “withdrawn” to the lead instructor.

    If you were already assigned a slot, then attempting to withdraw from your assignments (unchecking the “confirm” box) will send a notification to the class lead as before (no changes from before).

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