About The App

The Training Administrator app was designed with the following in mind:

  • Accessible 24/7 via internet
  • Accessible via phone/tablet/computer
  • Streamline process of signup-->assignment-->documentation-->tracking
  • Can be run natively on iOS / Windows / Mac or directly from a web browser for Android or work computers
  • All data resides in a secure cloud, not on your device

anywhere / anytime access

Current Limitations:

  • Only three people can be signed in simultaneously. It's important you log out as soon as you're done. Logging out is done by tapping or clicking on the "Actions" menu at the bottom of the screen and selecting "Quit Training App".
  • If you're on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad) there is a free app you can download that runs this software natively (instead of web browser). It's a better experience, but setting it up needs an explanation. The tutorial is the third video below.

Open the App

Tabs & Menus

Menus are at the bottom of the screen. Set a date range in the "Action" menu to view Assignments and Signups in that range. The Overtime tab has its own date range.

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Assignments (Assn)
List your assignments if lead/supervisor selected you to work a shift. **Confirm the assignment by checking the box**

Choose any shifts/roles you wish to work. Sessions are listed from any clas you're "certified" to teach/role play.

Manage your information, defaults, settings.

Overtime (OT)
If you're on an Event Summary, it's listed. You can change information just like an event summary up until it's submitted. You should verify your information during each class. You can sign (on iOS) or download a signature if you've signed previously.

Documents (Doc)
Download PDF documents from currently running classes.


Go To…
— Home (navigation is disabled for adjuncts)


— Date Range to view
— Quit Training app


— Show Availability
Show summary of what you've signed up for.

— Availability Report
eMail summary of what you've signed up for to you.

— Assignment Report
eMail summary of your assignments to you.

— eMail Developer

Web Browser


Universal Method

  1. Enter URL in web browser
  2. Enter Account Name & Password

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Native iOS

Preferred Method

This video shows how to do the following:

  1. Download the free "Filemaker Go 18" from the App Store
  2. Launch "Filemaker Go" on your iOS device
  3. Add the server to Filemaker Go where the "Training Administrator" app resides
  4. Log into the Server (your login is saved in the keychain for future use)
  5. You should now see the "Training Administrator" app
  6. Launch Training Administrator and log into the app (your login is saved in the keychain for future use)

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